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UK Health & Safety Executive
The Approved Code of Practice ACoP L8 [904kb]
HSG274 Part 1 Cooling Towers [4.19Mb]
HSG274 Part 2 Hot and Cold Water Systems [1.91Mb]
HSG274 Part 3 Other Risk Systems [713kb]
Audit Checklist [440kb]
Brief guide for Dutyholders [281kb]

UK Health Protection Agency
Spa Baths Part 1 [367kb]
Spa Baths Part 2 [1.08Mb]

UK Department of Health
HTM 04-01 Part A [4.27Mb]
HTM 04-01 Part B [2.41Mb]
HTM 04-01 Addendum [5.5Mb]
HTM 01-05 Dental Practice [5.19Mb]
HTM 01-05 Self Audit [440Kb]

The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers
TM13:2013 (you will need to apply for this document)

British Standards Institute
BS8580:2010 Risk Assessments for Legionella Control (you may be able to obtain a free copy through your library)

UK Drinking Water Inspectorate
Drinking Water Standards [173kb]

UK Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS)
Backflow Protection [235Kb]
Water Tank Types [1.04Mb]
Linked Water Tanks [213Kb]
Reclaimed Water [145Kb]
Water Softeners [208Kb]
Flexible Hoses [245Kb]

Thermostatic Mixing Valves
Code of Practice [79.2Kb]

Legionella Control Ireland [2.02Mb]
World Health Organisation [1.71Mb]

Legionella Control Association
Code of Conduct for Service Providers [198Kb]